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Western North Carolina Wildlife Near Hendersonville, NC

Western North Carolina has many unique and interesting species of wildlife. Some of these animals are pretty special to us and can't be seen anywhere else in the world. This list is by no means comprehensive, but just lists some neat animals that are frequently seen in this area.

White Squirrels live here in Hendersonville, Nc. They can be spotted in several neighborhoods and they are a beauty to behold. These animals are not albinos, they have normal dark eyes. They also interbreed with other gray squirrls and produce a mixed litter.

It is said these rare creatures were found in Brevard close to where a carnival van had tipped over in 1951. They spread all through the area where now they are a common sight among the people who liver here.

Black Bears are thriving here in North Carolina. North Carolina has about 3 million acres of relatively contiguous bear habitat, which provides ample room for roaming, and prevents inbreeding.

Wild Turkey are spotted in many neighborhoods in Hendersonville, sometimes even with their young following close behind. A beautiful site to see, these creatures spread there iridescent feathers in a rainbow of colors.

The wild turkey have been placed here by the National Wild Turkey Federation's Super Fund Program. There are many of these around so they are not hard to find.

A Hell Bender is a huge aquatic salamander without gills. They are gray or brown in color with yellow, brown, or black spots. They are found here in the rivers and the streams or under large rocks and debris piles. The Hellbender is listed as a special concern species in North Carolina. They are disappearing due to silting and pollution of our streams.

The Carolina Northern Flying Squirrel are common throughout the state. They are relatively small rodents. Flying Squirrels do not truly fly, they glide by outstretching large folds of skin attached to their front and rear leg. They will nest in tree cavities of Northern Hardwood Trees. This animal can be found only in Southern Appalachian Mountains, and they are sometimes spotted in Western North Carolina.

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