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Fishing Near Hendersonville, NC

Fishing in the mountain steams here in Western North Carolina is said to be some of the best fishing of it's kind around. There are many Hatchery Supported Trout Waters, where there is no size limit and the creel limit is 7 trout a day. One of the most popular fish is the Trout. The best time of year to fish is May and June when the water temperature gets to be around 55 degrees and the fish are more active and plentiful.

Brook Trout

The Brook Trout, or speckled trout, as some would say, is the only trout that is native to North Carolina. This brilliantly colored fish was once widely distributed throughout the mountain streams, but now is greatly reduced. A typical Brook Trout is eight inches or less.

Rainbow Trout

The Rainbow Trout has been stocked in most trout waters in the state of North Carolina. They have black spots, a pinkish to red longitude band and gill cover. A typical Rainbow Trout is ten inches or less, although it is common for them to be twelve inches.

Brown Trout

The Brown Trout has been stocked in the waters of Western North Carolina since 1905, and they are still expanding their range today. Brown Trout are brownish-yellow with black, red and orange spots on their sides. A typical Brown Trout is twelve inches or less, although they can occasionally be eighteen inches long.

The waters in elevations more than 1400 feet are cool enough for trout to live in. There is about 4000 miles of streams here in Western North Carolina that are capable of supporting brook, brown and rainbow trout. Most of the waters and streams are managed by North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission. They help design Public Mountain Trout Waters. Brown, rainbow and brook trout can be found in these waters. Pisgah National Forests has many great places to fish, some more challenging than others. Whether fishing for stocked trout or wild trout, you will find an abundance of trout fishing opportunities in North Carolina.

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